domingo, diciembre 27, 2015

Cortos: A fistful of Presents

A fistful of presents, de Cole Clark.-

A Fistful of Presents from Cole Clark on Vimeo.
Hi, I'm Cole Clark and thanks for watching my film, A Fistful of Presents! I carefully crafted every pixel of every frame from the initial storyboards to animation and final color grading. I hope people watching A Fistful of Presents experience the creative and cinematic vision I designed the film to have. Westerns and Holiday films separately have an amazing lineage, and I hope A Fistful of Presents serves as an intelligent response to both. In a pastiche mix-up between holiday films and Spaghetti Westerns, an outlaw confronts Santa on Christmas eve in the old west. The outlaw, reeling from painful memories of receiving coal for Christmas wants revenge. Santa, on the other hand, is not afraid of violence and has other plans.

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Voice Talent: Peter Leake and Adam Ratner
Music by Corey Wallace |
Sound Design by Mutante Media |

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