domingo, julio 02, 2017

Spider-Man Re-Animate

Spider-man Re-Animate,diferentes animadores se han unido para recrear el episodio "Vulture's Prey".

Spider-Man Re-Animate from Ron Doucet on Vimeo.

Animators from all over the province spent the past year re-creating this episode by re-making all the scenes from this episode in their own personal styles.

Produced for the 2015-2016 'Nocturne At Night' Arts Festival, in collaboration with the Digital Animators of Nova Scotia. Based upon the classic 1967 Spiderman episode 'Vulture's Prey'.

‘SPIDER-MAN RE-ANIMATE’ was created by fans of  Spider-Man comics, television series, films, and merchandise. ‘SPIDER-MAN RE-ANIMATE’ is considered a parody and is intended to be shared for free, not for profit. We made this  project purely for fun and for free.